Edition 2007


Sunday 29 April

h. 4pm: Auditorium, via Saffi

Official Opening of exhibitions
Budrio divertente” (1st and 2nd edition) and Cuocarina

h. 4,30pm onwards: P.zza Antonio da Budrio

Budrio in music
A musical Marathon in anticipation of the festival


Friday 4 May

h. from 6,00pm to 7,30pm: Museo dell’Ocarina-Auditorium

Museo dell’Ocarina, via Garibaldi
Official opening of the  Festival in the presence of the mayor of Budrio, the head of cultural affairs for the province of Bologna, the municipal head of cultural affairs in Budrio and the mayor of Marsciano (PG)

Opening of exhibitions:
“I fischietti del Museo di Marsciano (PG)”
“Terrecotte fischianti di Romagna” – Exhibition and donation of works made by craftsmen in Faenza
Prize giving ceremony for “Budrio divertente” competition,  2nd edition.
Procession of all the musical groups along the streets of the town centre: From Via Saffi (Auditorium) to Piazza Filopanti
Ocarina players from Budrio (pupils and ex pupils from the ocarina school and pupils from schools in the area).
Young people’s band città di Budrio “The B. Band”
Japanese Ocarina players
Austrian and German Ocarina players

h. 9pm: Church of St Agatha , via Marconi

Musical aperitif with “Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese”
Concert of “Quartetto Vicinelli”
Emiliano Bernagozzi: ocarine,
String Trio from the Regio Theatre in Parma
Original ocarina music from the end of the 19th century and arrangements of classical music.

Sabato 5 May

Piazza Filopanti

h. 10,00am to 7,00pm: Ocarina and whistle craft market
h. 4,00pm to 6,00pm: Folk music and dancing with the “La Mandragola” group (concertina, guitar, percussion instruments, vocal, clarinet and ocarinas)

Music School, via Marconi

h. 10,30am to 12,30am; 3,30pm to 5,30pm
Ocarina workshop. There must be a minimum number of participants for the workshop to be able to take place.
Info: 051/803661

Town centre

h. 10,00am to 12,00am; 3,30pm to 6,00pm
Buskers performing in public courtyards and small squares in the town centre.

Church of St Lawrence, piazza Filopanti

h. 8,15pm
A group of ocarina players will partecipate in the procession of the order of ”SERVI DI MARIA”

h. 9pm: Consorziale Theatre, via Garibaldi

Concert of “Trio Ocarina Classica”
Paolo Gavelli: ocarinas, double and triple ocarina, wooden ocarina
Maura Alliata: ocarinas
Alessandro De Bei: piano, accordion
Guest musicians from Japan: Riko Kobayashi and Satoshi Osawa

Sunday 6 May

Piazza Filopanti (under the portico of the church of St Lawrence)

h. 10,00am to 7,00pm: ocarina and whistle craft market
h. 11,00 am: Paolo Gavelli will be exhibiting the Korean ocarinas made by hyunil Ko and Minsoo, played at the concert on Saturday evening.
h. 3,00 to 6,00 pm: Music and folk dancing with the “Uva Grisa” group  (Rimini)
(guitar, accordion, vocal and choir, violin, double bass, trombone, ocarinas…)

Town Centre

h. 10,00am to 12,00am; h. 3,30pm to 6,00pm.
Buskers performing in public courtyards and small squares in the town centre.
h. 11,00 am: Guided visit of the town centre of Budrio and the ocarina museum.


h. 4,00pm to 5,30pm: Prize giving ceremony for the literary competition “L’Ucarina d’or”. Readings accompanied by music for ocarina, played by pupils from the ocarina school. Presented by Tiziano Casella

Cuisine and the Ocarina

Ocarina Menu at the Pro Loco restaurant where you can try out our “ocarotto pasta”.
Pizza “Ocarina” at the“Il portichetto” restaurant.
During the Festival you can find small biscuits and pastries in the form of an ocarina at the bakeries in Budrio.”
The festival is organized by Comune di Budrio and “Associazione Diapason
Progetti Musicali”, Sezione Ocarina, in collaboration with:

Province of Bologna
Pro Loco “Lo dolce Piano” di Budrio (Assoc. to promote Budrio)
Craftsmen and ceramic artisans from Faenza: Gianfranco Budini, Emidio Galassi, Luciano Laghi, Marta Pachon, Andrea Simoni, Gianfranco Sacchetti. Lidia Carlini.
Music School and BAND from Budrio.
Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese
Notte Folk – Folk music and dance Group
Parish of St Lawrence in Budrio for their kind permission to use their Portico and cloisters and the church of St. Agatha.
Schools and their directors in the Budrio area.
Alessandro Molinari Pradelli , Paolo Boccaletti, Franco Ferri, Susan Williams
Lido Contemori for the festival’s graphical image
Organization: Marinella Maggiori
Artistic Director: Fabio Galliani
Co-ordination for the  Comune of Budrio: Lorella Grossi e Tiziano Casella
Co-ordination forr Sezione Ocarine-Ass.Diapason: Federico Massarenti